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  • Reno Educational Article of the Month - Do Reno Foxes Live In Urban Areas Or Stay Restricted To The Wild?

Do Reno Foxes Live In Urban Areas Or Stay Restricted To The Wild?

Nevada foxes are wild creatures, and they are considered harmful to humans because they can bite and scratch in aggression. These creatures also carry several harmful disease viruses that can get transferred to the humans and pets around; hence, it is important to maintain a great distance from these creatures. Although foxes are considered as wild animals and from past several years, they are living a wild lifestyle. But as humans have started invading forests and wooded lands; most of these wild creatures have now moved to urban areas to ensure their survival. Earlier, they used to stay away from humans because they had fear. But today, instead of being afraid; they have become friendly and keep on exploring human habitats to get some food inside. Few of them are also trying to create dens in the attic, porch and deck areas; so that they can have easy access to the food on the premises. Many homeowners in the urban areas are already in trouble due to fox attacks, and the trouble is increasing day by day.

Foxes live in dens, and they prefer to create underground holes to stay safe. These holes can be created at any location; earlier their preferred choice was forest but now they even try to make their dens in sheds, or other spaces that appear worm and safe in human habitat. The idea is to stay protected from predators and to do this; they will keep on digging your property. These creatures are skilled climbers as well, and they can settle in the bushes or tree branches to enjoy the cozy and warm feeling.

The diet of Reno foxes usually varies as per its living conditions. Their prime motive is to get easy access to some eatable and in order to avail it; they can even try to develop dens in urban areas. These creatures are too sensitive about their own security, so they prefer to hide in the darkest corners of your house. Foxes prefer areas that are dry, and that is why they prefer to move to human shelters in the rainy season.

There are so many reasons why Nevada foxes have not started visiting human habitats more often. They are generally able to find open garbage cans, pet food, and leftovers in the residential areas. That is why it is advised that if you live in fox affected area, it is important to take important steps to keep these creatures out of the premises. You can install fences around to keep them out but make sure these fences are below the ground as well because foxes can also dig the holes to get inside. In case if you are not able to handle them, it is good to ask professionals to help get rid of foxes. They know right tips and tricks to deal with the situation and can help you to be sure about future safety as well.

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