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  • Reno Educational Article of the Month - Will a Reno house mouse in the attic have a nest of babies?

Will a Reno house mouse in the attic have a nest of babies?

An attic, also known as a sky parlor is described as a space that is found below a pitched house roof. In most cases, attics are usually isolated places and may go for long without being visited by human beings. For this reason, house mice find attics to be safe places for them to use as their natural habitats. The availability of food sources within human premises also makes mice to find isolated areas such as the attics to use as their homes. Despite there being more isolated areas in human houses, house mice prefer using the attic as the best area to live in and give birth to young ones.

Features of Reno house mice nests
Most animals especially rodents are known to have the behavior of creating their own nests for the sake of the pregnant mice to lay and give birth to young mice. A mouse nest is usually made of scrap materials which the mice gather around after gnawing and chewing on materials around human premises. Some of such fabric materials include the following;
• Cupboards
• Paper materials
• Mattresses and other fabrics
• Cardboards
• Cloth materials among others
• Electric wires
Mice nests are usually built to offer shelter for the Nevada mice family. Due to their high reproduction rate every year, house mice require nests to provide perfect security and shelter for the mice to reproduce and give birth to new litter.

Reasons why house mice prefer living in attics
There are several reasons why Reno house mice prefer building their nests in attics. For the sake of the litter, house mice prefer building nests in warm, dry and safe places within the house. The attic serves as the best place in that it is not oftenly visited by human beings or even predators. Attics are always dry throughout the year and since they are highly located in a house, they are the warmest parts of the house. Apart from being safe, dry and warm, attics are just above the house and hence it is so obvious that food would not be a problem to access.

Attics are the perfect places for Nevada house mice to build their nests and give birth to litter for its three main advantages which include safety, dryness and availability of warmth. For this reasons, house mice will always have their nests in attics.

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